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Location: Willoughby  

Price: $40,000 Negotiable


Excellent Condition - Ready to Work

   * Original Paint and Decals

   * New Cost: $65,000.00 + USD = $89,000.00 CDN plus Shipping - Customs and currently  8 months wait from Slashbuster  


This unit is in excellent condition, having been used for a single large park project. It effectively ground 4 acres of stumps while meeting city requirements to leave stumps in the ground with 6 inches of mixed soil and grindings on top. The grinder’s front rake excelled at this task.

The steep hillside park required the stumps and roots to remain as barriers against slides, soil movement, and erosion. The grinder also produced sawdust-like grindings, ideal for mixing into the existing soil, fulfilling another city requirement.


   * Pin Size: 90 mm with 14.5 inches between bosses, expandable to 17 inches between bosses, and can be bushed down to 80 mm pins

   * Center-to-Center: 19.25 inches, compatible with the PT12 Helac PowerTilt (see other ad for this unit)

   * Hydraulic Requirements: 40 to 60 GPM at 3000 PSI, suitable for use on excavator auxiliary circuits even on 150 Class excavators

   * Safety and Efficiency:

         o Patented guide cones to prevent cutting wheel stalls

         o Double heel rack for below soil level grinding, digging, raking, and trenching

         o Enclosed cutting teeth for enhanced protection

Condition and Pricing:

   * Current Condition: Excellent with original carbide steel cutting teeth still at 90%

   * Price: $40,000.00 CAD

   * Location: Cambridge Narrows Yard, NB

   * Additional Option: As new hydraulic flow combiner valve with foot control valve for $3,000.00 CAD

Additional Information:

   * Flow Combiner Valve: Enables higher flow volumes for attachments such as grinders, brush cutters, crusher buckets, and hydraulic hammers. Ensures smooth and responsive machine operation by utilizing flow from both hydraulic pumps.

   * Quick Shipping: We offer great shipping rates and fast delivery.


   * Frank: 604-476-7777

Learn More:

   * Brochure: SG360 Stump Grinder Brochure  


   * Video: SG360 Stump Grinder in Action  


Enhance the capabilities of your 16 to 40-ton excavator with the SLASHBUSTER SG360 Stump Grinder. This unit is designed for safe, efficient, and cost-effective stump removal, featuring long-life carbide teeth and versatile functionality.

Don’t miss this opportunity to acquire a high-performance stump grinder at a competitive price. Contact Frank today!

SLASHBUSTER Excavator Attachments for Land Management

Brush Cutters

From land clearing equipment to right-of-way vegetation management: brush cutter models are available to suit your application and excavator size from 3 to 30 ton.
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Stump Grinders

Grind stumps with your backhoe or excavator. Guide cones help prevent stalls, making the stump grinder easier to use and ideally suited to equipment rental yards.
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Mix solid materials such as mulches or aggregates, or incorporate material into a slurry for remediation applications. Our excavator mounted stirrer can be modified to meet your needs.
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Additional Details

Company SlachBuster DM Machine Co Ltd
Factory or Website Url http://www.slashbuster.com/stump-grinder.htm
Website To Display Url http://www.slashbuster.com/stump-grinder.htm
Year of Vehicle Registration 2018

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