About Eze Email & Our Emails Services by EzeAD

Ezead.com and Ezead Media Group Inc. are dedicated to becoming the world's premier online trading community.

As part of our commitment to our community members, we offer a free web-based email service, providing you with a personalized address such as [email protected].

We provide two email formats

EZE Webmail:

Enjoy full-featured webmail similar to Hotmail or Yahoo Mail, with no limits on file sizes or storage space.

Accessible from any internet-connected computer 24/7.

Regular Email:

Experience full-featured email akin to your ISP's mail provider, with no limitations on file sizes or storage space.

This is not a generic email service, but one taken seriously.

To access our email services, you must be a verified Ezead member or have registered with a service provider email account. If you don't have a service provider email account, you can fill out our Verified Member application form. Once registered, you can immediately set up your own Eze.email email address. However, we require the completed application form within 7 days to ensure the continued activation of your Eze Email address.

Apply for your free Eze.email account through your Ezead Admin Panel, and we will promptly approve it.

Included with Eze Email and Eze Webmail at no extra cost:

Eze Email Webmail includes GroupWare, offering:

5 FREE Eze Email addresses per member

Private and Public calendaring options

Private and Public Photoshare options

Private and Public Filestore options

Easy file and photo sharing with friends

Secure file storage options

Eze Email Windows client for easy access to calendar and file sharing capabilities

Blogging capabilities to create and share online journals

For our business members whose domains we host, we offer free email with addresses like [email protected].

Eze.email utilizes Surgemail software for our mail server, ensuring uninterrupted service with no downtime. Surgemail offers advanced features including


  • Robust Security: Surgemail incorporates advanced security measures to protect your emails and data.
  • Reliability: With Surgemail, we guarantee uninterrupted service with no downtime.
  • Scalability: Our email services can scale according to your needs, accommodating a growing user base effortlessly.
  • High Performance: Surgemail ensures high-performance email delivery, even during peak times.
  • Advanced Antispam and Antivirus Protection: Surgemail includes comprehensive antispam and antivirus features to keep your inbox clean and secure.
  • Customization Options: Surgemail allows for extensive customization, tailoring the email experience to suit your preferences.
  • Efficient Management Tools: Easily manage your emails, contacts, calendars, and more with Surgemail's intuitive management tools.
  • Data Privacy: Surgemail prioritizes data privacy, adhering to strict privacy standards to safeguard your personal information.
  • We provide Migration Tools for easy migration via POP, IMAP, etc., and Advanced Options for Mailbox Settings, including:
  • Creating rules to manage your email efficiently
  • SMS Messages for receiving important emails on your cell phone
  • Trusted Sites to ensure secure email viewing
  • Aliases for managing multiple email addresses
  • Checking other email accounts via WebMail
  • Settings customization for new messages and message display
  • Friend Settings to verify incoming emails
  • Server Spam Settings for managing spam
  • WebMail Spam Options and Filtering Rules for organizing emails

Additionally, we offer Centipaid to charge small amounts for sending you emails, primarily used to prevent unwanted emails.