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Location: Willoughby  

Price: $45,000 Negotiable

For Sale: New Excavator Multiple Use Logging - Clearing - Raking - Demolition Grapple - Stump and Root Pulling - Moving and Placing  Matt Grapple  Attachment - Loading Tub Grinders - Demolition Trailers and More

Price: $92,000 (Replacement Cost) take it for $45,000.00

Specifications: Fits 200-500 class excavators. Comes with a brand new bolt-on top plate with 80mm pins, with 12.80 inches between the ears, suitable for either our PC308LC-10 Komatsu or our PC360LC-10.

Description: This unit serves multiple purposes:

1) Functions as a Logging Grapple - Loading Logs - Moving  Logs - Stacking Stumps - Loading Tub Grinders  

2) Demolition Grapple - Dismantling Building Both Wood and Steel Structures - Loading Demoltion Trailers - Loading Steel - Rebar etc

3) Functions as a clearing rake with a 64 INCH wide 4-tine side and a root and stump-pulling unit using the narrower 44 INCH 3-tine side, allowing for versatile applications without hydraulic cylinders obstructing the way. The grapple becomes rigid on the extreme-duty tines when fully open by backstops that assures its structural integrity.

4) Ideal for loading tub grinders and compacting demolition trailers.

5) Acts as a mat grapple for loading, moving stacks of mats, and placing mats around the site due to its wide-opening design.

Additional Information: Comes with a brand new extreme-duty excavator-mounted logging or demolition 20k capacity grapple, including a custom bolt-on top plate system priced at $7,500.  

The system features a unique one-way threaded bolt-on design for quick changes between different ear sets, requiring only a Milwaukee electric impact for access to remove and replace the bolts.

Contact: Frank at 604-476-7777 or Toll-Free 1-(833) 693-9323.  

Selling due to relocation from BC to NB after 53 years in demolition.

Trucking services available we get great rates and quick service.

Excavator Grapple (Model T40HPX-114)

Price: $45,000

Specifications: 2 - 3 cubic yard, 360-degree rotation grapple with a 19,000 lb capacity. Features HPX drive technology, eliminating hydraulic cylinders for increased efficiency and durability.

Description: Suitable for logging or demolition applications, this grapple includes a brand new bolt-on top plate with 80mm pins, compatible with PC308LC-10 Komatsu or PC360LC-10 excavators, both equipped with Geith pin grabber couplers.

Additional Information: Ideal for underwater work, logging, or demolition as it never exposes hydraulic cylinders during operation.  

Offers constant high-pressure grabbing force and utilizes a helix-style drive and internal rotator.  

Quick-change grapple system allows for easy adaptation to various tasks.

Contact: Frank at 604-476-7777. Selling due to retirement and relocation to NB. Quick shipping available.


Compatible with any 200-500 class excavator, especially recommended for the following machines:

Case    CX240

Case    CX240

Case    CX290

Case    CX290


Komatsu    PC240

Komatsu    PC240

Komatsu    PC250-6

Komatsu    PC270

Komatsu    PC270LC-6

Komatsu    PC270LC-7

Komatsu    PC280

Komatsu    PC280

Komatsu    PC290


Link-Belt     240LX

Link-Belt     290LX

Link-Belt    3400 QUANTUM

Link-Belt    3900 QUANTUM

Parts and Support: All parts and quick-change grapple shells (arms) available from:


5040 Mainway Drive, Unit #11

Burlington, ON, L7L 7G5

Tel.: +1 (905) 335 2856

Fax: +1 (905) 335 4529

Toll-Free (North America): 1 (800) 268 9525

Email: [email protected]


KINSHOFER GmbH is a leading manufacturer of attachments for truck cranes and excavators worldwide. Offering a wide range of attachments for various industries, including scrap, demolition, landscaping, forestry, and more, KINSHOFER is dedicated to providing high-quality, innovative solutions to meet customer needs.

The characteristics of the multi purpose grabs:

Some facts on the HPXdrive:

  • Low maintenance: up to 50% longer service life
  • Cylinderless: no hydraulic cylinders
  • Direct hydraulic connection: no short hoses
  • Integrated shell exchange system: highest flexibility (from A04HPX)
  • Flat rotator: low overall height
  • Direct mount: facilitates positioning
  • Adapter with compression rails as option - easy and fast mounting!
  • Bolt-on side walls also available as an option
 A02HPX, A04HPX and A06HPX
 A02H, A04H and A06H
 A12H, A15H, A20H and A27H
 HPXdrive Exchangeable Shells

The multi purpose grabs are available for excavators with operating weights from 1t to 47t.

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