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New 2023 Jisan JSDS200 Demolition Processor & Jisan JSG2100 Grapple - Additional Offer: PC450LC-8 Custom Long Reach Excavator

4.0 stars

Location: Willoughby  

Price: $12,500 Negotiable

New 2023 Jisan JSDS200 Demolition Processor & Jisan JSG2100 Grapple

Item 1: 2023 Jisan JSDS200 Demolition Processor

  • Weight: 5,000 lbs
  • Features: Twin cylinder, 120-ton crushing force at tip, 260-ton cutting force at blades, hydraulic force unit
  • Price: $20,000.00 FOR THIS UNIT
  • See Youtube Video Of This Unit:   https://cloud.video.alibaba.com/play/u/2153292369/p/1/e/6/t/1/d/hd/329345742537.mp4
  • Comparison: New price $25,000.00 USD plus shipping, customs, and container destuffing - total $30,000.00 USD ($40,000.00 CDN) with a 3-month wait

Item 2: 2023 Jisan JSG2100 Grapple

  • Weight: 4,000 lbs
  • Features: 360-degree rotation, built from Hardox steel, demolition and sorting grapple
  • Price: $12,500.00 FOR THIS UNIT 
  • See Youtube Video of this unit:  https://youtu.be/cgwitwWp4Vw 
  • Both units are new, unused, and ready to work
  • Quick shipping available within Canada


Contact: Frank at 604-476-7777

About Jisan Heavy Industry Ltd. Founded in 2009, Jisan Heavy Industry Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic attachments for construction, demolition, recycling, mining, and special projects. The company operates from a 56,800 square meter facility with over 260 employees, including 40 highly qualified engineers. Jisan has received BV, SGS, CE, and ISO9001 certifications.

Additional Offer: PC450LC-8 Custom Long Reach Excavator

  • Price: $380,000.00  for the excavator with both units
  • Details: Fully rebuilt in 2023 with Komatsu 3-piece boom for multiple versatile attachments
  • Features:
    • Excavator hours: 7,300
    • Capabilities: Sheet pile driving, excavation, demolition, etc.
    • Includes new 2021 175 Hydraulic HP Hydraram Sheet Pile Driver ($220,000 value) for $100,000.00  if wanted
  • Our Total Investment: Over $600,000 for bare machine or $800,000 with HydraRam Sheet Pile Driver

Attachments Available:

  1. 30-inch V Ripper Bucket
  2. 46-inch 2.5-yard Extreme Duty Excavating Bucket
  3. 70-inch 4-yard Hensley Extreme Duty Bucket
  4. New 2021 HydraRam 175 Hydraulic HP Sheet Pile Driver
  5. Large hydraulic hammers, demolition processors, hydraulic grapples
  6. Terex Schaffer 175 Hydraulic HP Dual Drum Grinder

Photos and More Information:   https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1oajOXgrHvGcZ3dhfdZeAObDW2T7hG-FB 

YouTube Video of this excavatorhttps://youtu.be/FvbxxkQjOwQ

Note: Replacement cost well over $1,300,000 without attachments.

Contact: Frank at 604-476-7777

Ready to Ship: Both units can be quickly shipped within Canada. We offer great rates and can have a truck ready the next business day.

Additional Details

Company Jisan Heavy Industries
Factory or Website Url http://www.jisanbr.net/
Website To Display Url http://www.jisanbr.net/pro_detail.asp?id=80
Year of Vehicle Registration 2023

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