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Classifieds and Auctions Help

Quick and Eze Text and Video Help Topics
These site-wide Help and User Topics show how you control entire groups of Ezead's Advanced Functionality.

They will:
  • Show the functionality of the front end, in areas like My Account, Posting, Registration
  • Show related User Admin pages and/or settings
  • Allow the site to be as simple or detailed as you need it to be - we really offer a lot!
The Video Links Display Step by Step Videos:
  • They will show by video in place of text all functions that refer to the advanced yet simple to implement features that make up the Ezead Online Trading and Social Community
  • This format is exceptionally user friendly and we hope helps explain all of Ezead's Advanced Yet Simple To Implement Features
Classified Ads Help
Classifieds allow users to advertise items for sale in a classified listing format and communicate with potential buyers.
Auction Listings Help
Auctions allow users to sell items in a variety of auction formats, with winning bidders committing to their purchases.
Site Fees Explained
Shows you what we charge for featured listings and other options for more exposure of your listings on the Ezead Community