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       Ezead Community - Fraud Policy
Whether you're looking for a collectible or thinking about selling that treasure you discovered in the attic, our internet auction and classified sites may be just the thing for you.

Internet auctions have become one of the hottest phenomena of the web, allowing sellers to potentially reach millions of buyers.

Despite their growing popularity among buyers as well as sellers, many people don't fully understand how internet auctions work, the different kinds of auctions available and - perhaps most importantly - how to take part in them without being ripped off.

Ezead, Ezead and our affiliated sites are striving to be North America's Premier Online Trading Community. Our goal is to provide a site that promotes fair and honest trading with each and every auction or classified.

Unfortunately online fraud is an issue on the Internet.

Some auctions would try to persuade you it isn't a problem, and want to bury their head in the sand. In a effort to establish and maintain our good name, we want to clearly address our policy on fraud.
Fraudulent User Information
Please be advised that it is a violation of the law to make a bid using a fraudulent name. It is our intent to prosecute fraudulent bidders and sellers to the fullest extent of the law.
Bid Shilling and Shielding
All auctions are subject to fraud. The bid process can be exposed to several dishonest practices. Bid shilling occurs when an individual schemes with someone else or creates a false identity in order to drive up the bidding prices on behalf of the seller. Bid shielding takes place when a buyer and partner artificially inflate the bids. This discourages other bidders from bidding. Then, at the last minute, the shielder cancels their high bid whereby his/her partner wins the auction with a lower offer.

Our stance on these practices is simple-- shilling and shielding will not be tolerated! To help correct this problem we have elected to not allow bid retraction without e-mailing support to cancel the bid, and we will record you bid retractions, so if you not sure about the item Do Not Bid.
Mail Fraud
It is considered mail fraud to pay for an item, then not receive the merchandise. We encourage you to immediately file a complaint with Ezead as well as with the your local law enforcement.

WE will not hesitate to pursue legal avenues. When a crook is caught, they face much more serious charges than they could have imagined. Mail fraud is a federal offense, and most provinces and states have laws on the books that make computer fraud (including use of a computer to commit, aid, or abet commission of a crime) an additional criminal offense.
Ezead's Fraud Policy
We have zero tolerance for fraud! After investigating a complaint, if the allegations are found to be correct, our policy is to suspend the user on the first offense. We will also maintain a blacklist to chronicle the errant users and post them to our fraud watch list. Once banned a user will never be re-instated, we have taken a number of steps to insure that a banned user cannot use our services.
Policing Ourselves
Self regulation is the best prevention against fraud. We will make every effort to enforce our fraud policy and we encourage our Ezead and Ezead community to join us. Please don't hesitate to use the Link at the bottom of the Navigation bar Fraud Report Form to report fraud whenever fraud appears to be an issue.

Rest assured we will diligently pursue the issue and try to resolve it . Also we ask that you do wait 7 days to try to work out any problems between the buyer and seller.

Unlike the big online auctions who want you to wait 30-60 days, then make you go through link after link only to finally get a link that sometimes does and sometimes doesn't work, allowing a fraudulent user time to cheat perhaps hundreds of other buyers, we want to stop these crooks now.

If you suspect that a fellow trader is acting in a fraudulent manner even if you are not the buyer or seller, please contact us, let us know and rest assured we will pursue the matter and will report back to you with the outcome of the investigation. It is critical to maintain the integrity of our trading community so every buyer and selling within our trading community knows and feels secure in using it.

If you don't complain, there exists a possibility that we don't know. Let's all take a stand!
Fraud Watch : Exposing Fraud and Scams
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User Tips for Buyers and Sellers
For Buyers
Identify the seller and check the seller's feedback rating. As we are new to web this will be difficult, but hopefully the seller will have taken the time to a Storefront. Take a look, if he has left telephone numbers, give them a call or e-mail any concerns. Do your homework. Be sure you understand what you're bidding on, its relative value and all terms and conditions of the sale. This includes the seller's return policies and who pays for shipping.

Establish your top price and stick to it.

Evaluate your payment options. If possible, pay with a credit card to ensure the most protections if something goes wrong. If the seller doesn't accept credit cards, consider using an accredited escrow service like escrow.com. Do not use a seller recommended Escrow Service - do your homework and use the Escrow Service that you want.

Once you receive the merchandise carefully check to make sure it is what you bid on, the condition is as described, there was no damage in shipping. If there is a problem immediately let the seller know, and work to resolve the issue.

If things go the way 99.9% of on-line auctions go, and you are pleased with the transaction, post feedback to the seller. This feedback is very important and is a key part of the trading community
For Sellers
First take the time to build your storefront, it tells the buyers who you are, what you do and establishes that your proud of what you do and the way you do it. Don't be afraid to post the telephone number(s) where you can be reached, after all if you post an add in the local bargain finder your number is on the web. A telephone number goes a long way in establishing in a buyers mind a sense that you are not trying to hide anything. Provide an accurate description of the item you're selling, including all terms of the sale and who will pay shipping costs. If the item you have is in poor condition state it, if your not sure about its condition state it, and finally if you feel in anyway it could be a problem then simply don't list the item, instead place it in a anonymous local live auction where it is buyer beware. It is not worth your reputation in our trading community, believe us these things come back to haunt you. Respond quickly to any questions bidders may raise during the auction.

Contact the high bidder as soon as possible after the auction closes to confirm details of the sale.

Ship the merchandise as soon as you receive payment. And put extra care in packing the goods so they arrive in good condition.

Make sure to post feedback about the buyer as feedback is key part of the trading community

If the buyer contacts you that there is a problem once they receive the items, work with them to resolve the problem, after all your good name and reputation in our trading community depends on the buyers satisfaction.