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2017 Eagle Industrial Truck 48 Volt RTT-18F Industrial 18000 Lb Tow Tugger

2017 Eagle Industrial Truck 48 Volt RTT-18F Industrial 18000 Lb Tow Tugger

BRAND NEW 2017 TUG C/W  NEW 48 VOLT BATTERY - LIST PRICE 28,000.00 USD  $36,000.00 CDN



SEE YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE SMALLER 12,000 LB UNIT:   https://youtu.be/yJIoqVy2bp8 

Hitch up to multiple carts with the RTT-18 which is capable of moving up to 18.000lbs.
 Electric tuggers are suitable to use in airports and warehouses.
This electric tug is perfect for work environments that include trailer towing, aircraft towing, industrial applications, and heavy loads.
Electric tuggers can be an excellent, cost-effective solution.

    Make: Eagle Industrial Truck
    Model: RTT-18F
    Year: 2017 MANUFACTURED 10TH MONTH 2016
    Serial Number: 1829
    Hours: 3
    Transport Dimensions: 104" L x 40" W x 78" H
    Transport Weight: 3,600 lbs
    Location: Langley BC

RTT-18 Electric Tugger Features


    48 Volt A/C Drive - 4th Generation A/C, solid state, with closed loop digital controls
    A/C Brushless Motor - Eliminates Preventative Maintenance
    340 AH Opportunity Rapid Charge capable
    Regenerative Braking which helps increase battery life and reduce brake maintenance
    Familiar Automotive Controls reduces training time


    Stand-up and Sit-down Operation
    SAE rated 18,000 lbs. towing capacity
    Solid Steel Plate Construction lengthens operational life
    Optional Front and Rear Hitches with remote operation
    1,000-Hour/1-year Preventative Maintenance Interval
    System Diagnostics available using standard display


    Accommodates 5th and 95th Percentile
    Unobstructed 7" Step-in Height from either side
    30" Operator Compartment
    Multi-position Steering Wheel
    Horizontal and Vertical Adjusting Stand-up/Sit-down Seat
    Front and Rear Suspension dampens operator and component vibration.


    Re-gen Braking activated as soon as throttle is released
    Secondary Hydraulic Braking System
    Electro-magnetic Parking/Emergency Brake standard
    Speed Controls for Loaded and Unloaded operation
    14" x 23" Floor Pad Safety Switch
    ANSI B56.9 compliant